About Jade
I was always one of those kids at school that weirdly fantasised about ‘when I grow up, I….’

I think from a young age I was pretty aware that my soul was old and my dreams were far bigger than my little self could execute.

I wouldn’t say school was my forte but nonetheless academia came easy and at the ripe age of 18 I found myself enrolled into a double degree of Law and Media and Communications majoring in Journalism. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I was sure I didn’t want it to do anything less than leave a legacy and footprint on the world.

I wanted to be challenged and oddly I didn’t want the road to success to be easy, that part made me excited.

I was extremely competitive not just with others but with myself. I think that’s why I very quickly learned that my degree just wasn’t for me, I didn’t love it and it didn’t fit me.

I left university 4/5ths of a lawyer because a bigger dream stole my heart. I was working at Google full time with my best friend and we had a side hustle called Equalution. As former fitness models forever chasing to strike a balance between enjoying the food we love and sustaining our goal physique, our world stopped when we discovered Flexible Dieting which gave birth to our business Equalution.

Amal, my now business partner and I had tried every diet under the sun - EVERY DIET. We cut carbs, we ate clean, we didn’t eat after 6pm, we went keto, we intermittent fasted, we meal replaced and after trying EVERYTHING we found our answer to cracking the code of a body transformation in… you won’t guess… having your cake and eating it too. Using this approach, we transformed our bodies dropping our dress sizes from double to single digits together we’ve now lost 50kgs.

Using our own science based formula we calculate the overall calorie, protein, carb and fat goals of each individual and use food they love to meet these needs. This Flexible Dieting approach has allowed us and our clients around the globe to enjoy food that, in the past, caused severe anxiety. Our faith in the message that nutrition thrives off balance lead us to make the life-changing decision to dedicate our existence to spreading the message.

So in our early 20’s we quit our full time jobs at Google and took a one way ticket to Silicon Valley, the tech hub of the world, knowing full well we wanted to take our manual business and give it its own transformation into a mobile app. Fast forward six years later Equalution is one of Australia’s fastest growing tech companies and is the how to our why.

For me it’s opened a window of opportunities second to a purpose. My first book will go on the shelves in November this year and my second tech venture is in the works.

I started this blog because along the way throughout this incredible journey the universe had my back and I want to have yours 💫