Take the time. Do the thing.

When I think back to decisions in life I’ve made with and without thinking there’s definitely been a mixed bag of results in the outcomes of both. On the one hand some of the biggest decisions I’ve made ie leaving jobs, changing careers, moving houses, break ups etc have almost been done on a there and then sense of urgency to act on a heightened emotion. On the other hand, others have been well thought out, made outside of the hustle and bustle of every day life.

One of my favourite ‘fuck it’ moments was quitting my job at Google. Amal and I had discussed doing it before and there was one day where I walked into work and like they say ‘you know when you know’ I knew and I did it. Soon after I gave Amal the heads up and she quickly followed too. But as huge as it was, it was done really on impulse, and the scramble to work out what next then followed - of which we really just took it day by day.

On the flip side, one of the biggest financial investments I’ve made and probably will ever make was in building the Equalution App. While the idea was always there Amal and I really fleshed it out and made some crucial decisions in a new environment, stress free on a holiday in Paris! It really took stepping away from our every day to get that clarity.

Of the two approaches, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong, both excite me. The ‘yolo’ moment and the ‘I’m absolutely certain because I’ve got so much clarity’ moment. 

The reason I’m reflecting on this because I’ve got decisions that are on my front door step at present. While the flippant in me wants to be a née jerk I know for these biggies I’m going to have to have to think them out. 

So where to from here... Are you in the same boat? If so, let’s do it together. Here’s how it looks for me:

  1. Write down the end goal? Where are you heading and what do you want to get out of it? 
  2. What’s in the way? Start that cons list! 
  3. Time. Is time on your side? Do you have to wait for a few more things to fall into place before you’re in a better position to decide? 
  4. If you had all the resources in the world and nothing stopping you what would be the ‘perfect world’ outcome?
  5. What’s your gut instinct saying? 

Take the time to have a think where it’s the best approach. Then...

Do the thing.