Life in the fast lane…

I think to pick life in the fast lane you have to be ready for non-conventional, high frequency, surprises and turbulence - pretty much around the clock. 

I took a bit of time over Christmas and the New Year though to put the blinkers on and change lanes for a hot minute. I enjoyed a slower paced lifestyle, got a lot more in touch emotionally and spiritually, connected and grounded and really just chilled the ‘F’ out. I think during these times it also allows you to be less emotionally robotic and really feel what comes in and what goes out and regenerate the love and care that you have for your ambitions and also stack enough of that energy to also give to the important things - people and relationships.

Coming into the new year, entering a new year of work, visiting my truths, my work-in-progress points and goals ahead… I sat with the thought after a few challenges off the cusp of moving back into the fast lane of what makes the fast lane for me? Would the grass be greener on the other side? 

The afterthought I came up with was simple... if it’s always been for you, it always be for you. 

But I believe, in order to keep doing life in the fast lane there needs to be a moment of refuelling before you go again, that’s important. Regrouping, getting in touch, reassessing and self awareness keep you in the lane longer, keep your speed consistent and keep your ego at bay. That’s why I think there’s masters of the fast lane and I think there’s occupiers of the fast lane, while some can go fast, they can’t go fast for too long, or they might have a few prangs along the way and not realise the damage given the speed. Others can live a life of go and stop, go and stop, moving mountains and taking a breather, move another mountain and take a breather...the stops get shorter and the go gets faster.

But the key to mastery I believe is ensuring you do what you have to - whatever that may be to ensure you stay in there for the longest period of time without losing your place on the road - something I want to work on, because I’d hate to switch lanes for good.

It’s very hard once you’re in the fast lane to slow down and not feel discomfort, as good as a slower pace is to regroup; the fast lane is a birthright for some and a choice for others and anything less just makes you feel a fish out of water.

If you’re someone that has committed to aiming that little bit higher, have made a choice to make a difference, go the extra mile, push your boundaries and all of a sudden you’ve found yourself cruising with the big boys in the fast lane then here's what you’ve got to remember... 

If you approach a speed hump in a car at a low speed you’ll swiftly cruise over the bump in the road. If you approach a speed hump at a very fast pace you’ll hit a turbulence that will nearly give you whiplash with your seatbelt and scare the shit out of you. The same can be said for living life in the fast lane too; the bumps will be bigger, they’ll hit harder and they’ll take longer to recover from. Maybe with more bumps your resilience will improve, or maybe with more experience your ability to handle the impact will also improve. Continue to practice, have patience and make progress while in the fast lane and you’ll master rather than occupy. 

If you’re a fast lane driver learn to peak and enjoy your peak, recharge and go again. This cycle is so important and your definition of recharging is your own to have. Fast pace, high achieving and a nature of going after one goal after you achieve another does not make you exempt to feeling the feels of normal human emotion. In fact, you might feel less in the moment being so caught up in the adrenaline of going from one extreme to another that it is when you truly slow down or in one very grounded period that all those emotions come at once. Feelings and emotions don’t make you not equipped to deal with the fast lane, it’s just a matter of how you handle it.

Your driver’s seat is your driver’s seat, no one else’s. Stay in your lane and Do what you have to do to keep your spot in the fast lane for the length of time that you choose best serves your will to be there. You’ll know if the lane is for you and there’s no one else that should touch that blinker to vere you off except you. Vere to regroup and regroup only. Don’t lose your pace just because you think you’re going to be overtaken.. 

The fast lane isn’t just made for one vehicle.