Just Do It

So it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’ve just returned from a Barry’s Bootcamp session. For those of you who don’t know of Barry’s Bootcamp, think of the hardest workout you’ve ever done, multiply that by 5000, add gasping for air every minute on the minute and then add weak knees and heavy arms multiplied by 50 minutes and you’ve got Barry’s. It’s a half treadmill half floor workout consisting of roughly 6 rounds of treadmill sprints followed by floor high intensity interval training.

This type of workout, for me personally, isn’t something I can do every day. I love having balance and variety in my fitness routine and for me that doesn’t consist of high impact training on the body and mind day in and day out. Though, why I love a good sweat session every few days is for the repercussions on my mind, body and mental regroup on the power of mindset when the session is done and dusted.

Working out isn’t for everyone, I get that. I also understand that when you’re beginning a health and fitness journey sometimes just getting your diet right is enough of an energy thief that focusing on making too many changes all at once can lead you down a slippery slope….I get it. But, hear me out….

I just finished Barry’s and earned every breath, every rest and every split second I got to regain a steady heart rate and I feel on top of the world. I love a night out, I love socialising, I love reading, down time, spending time with my family and friends but let me tell you something about training - of all the serotonin givers in this world there just isn’t anything quite like cranking out a grouse training session.

If you’re new to the scene and are just looking into getting into training or upping your physical activity - welcome and well done. Setting the intent for this deserves credit in itself, you’re wanting to make a change to better you, your health and your wellbeing so kudos to you! 

Begin with walks, start small, even just join a gym or group fitness facility. If you’re nervous or scared about fizzling out in your first session - don’t be. Much to your surprise the gym is actually the most non-judgemental place of happiness and there will be an abundance of people whether it be other members or trainers that will be there to see you succeed. 

Consider getting a wearable like an Apple Watch or FitBit that way you have data so you can track your progress and really line up the battle for you VS you. 

The power of breaking a sweat is one that will seep into your physical and mental health. If there’s any favour you can do for yourself especially while getting your diet in check it’s just fight the bread noise and start to move, I promise you won’t regret it!

Just do it!

Jade X