Fuck Oath

Yesterday was one that went down in the history books for me. You might remember from my last blog my brother Blake and I set out to complete the calendar club running the number of kilometers to the date for the whole month of February. 

In 28 days I ran 406 kms completing my final 28km run yesterday at 6pm, reaching my final meter and collapsing in my brother’s arms in absolute tears. This challenge was for no cause, no money or no additional motive aside from just a personal challenge that I was determined to complete. In all honesty, when I first committed with Blake I knew I wasn’t one to give up but I also wasn’t sure if I could do it without being a serious ‘runner’ and having not at all prepped for endurance running let alone back to back distance runs. Last week I completed 9 half marathons one after the other so reaching the final day yesterday I was not only proud but was also in complete shock that I did it. 

There were times where that little shithouse voice in my head told me I wasn’t fit enough, there weren’t enough hours in the day and my body wasn’t equipped to get through the kilometers for that day. I blocked out that noise on a number of occasions and in doing so I learnt a valuable lesson from the challenge and that was when you ask yourself whether or not you can do something the answer should absolutely be fuck oath because more times than not I can promise you with a ‘fuck oath’ mindset you will be able to.

I picked a running challenge because that’s exactly what it was, it was a challenge.. I find running bloody tough, I don’t particularly enjoy it and I definitely found it hard to fit in up to 3 hours of running a day in that final week. Everything about it was hard. 

Looking back on the last month I can see how valuable ‘hard’ is. When the going gets tough, that precious part of you that wants to give up on something becomes almost silent the more times you defeat it. Fuck oath I’ve decided is a state of mind, and I am so here for it. 

Make me a fuck oath promise and have a ‘fuck oath’ belief in yourself with your next arising challenge. It’s almost like a weapon, that state of mind will be your A to B and almost unstoppable with the more times it's exercised.

Can you do it? Fuck oath.

To my brother Blake, experiencing the peaks and pits with you over the past month was a pleasure. You inspire me and I was in awe of your strength. Now, what’s next?