Discipline. The fuel and the glue.

I had a chat to Amal this morning about discipline and it got me thinking.. I really think it’s something that’s often so overlooked on any pursuit whether that be health and fitness, a new business or even just work ethic.

Discipline is not only a fuel but a glue.. It keeps you going but it also keeps things together. 

I like to think of discipline sort of like training in the gym. Some people won’t go near certain weights out of fear and out of self doubt that they can lift that amount, similarly some people won’t reach for the stars while others do so frequently that they overachieve at the excessive weight and have great success due to their strong will and discipline. There’s an element of discipline that is required to start any mission, because essentially what you’re doing is drawing the line in the sand and calling yourself out on old habits and starting new ones.. This practice takes discipline.

Then what takes more is continuous discipline, essentially keeping up that first execution day in day out. 

The reason I was talking to Amal about this was because we were discussing dieting and ‘lowest weight Jade’ VS now. Admittedly there’s a minute difference of a few kilos between the two but what I was saying to Amal was I was SO rigid. So so disciplined, little things but day in and day out and not a stranger to saying no when I felt like aesthetic, adherence and compliance goals were more important. 

I know dieting is a drop in the ocean to a lot of people but to me I really feel like it has a lot to do with my focus, self love and good routine at the best and worst of times. 

Which is why I’ve decided to embark on our latest Equalution 8 week challenge.

Can I be so honest? It’s been so long since I’ve been my own client… tracking day in and day out, being highly disciplined and being overall consistent for an extended period of time.

Flexible dieting gives you knowledge and tools for life so that you don’t have to switch dieting on and off - you always ‘just know’. But in saying that there’s more rigid means of improving results rather than maintaining and staying the same. For me that means:

  • Less ‘guessing’ more being accountable to the numbers 
  • A consistent calorie deficit 
  • Mindful movement 
  • Alcohol reduction 
  • Attention to macros not just calories 

I like the thought of being fully compliant. I like the thought of a new arm of my discipline getting an extra workout and most of all, I like the perks that dieting brings.

So here goes, to the next 8 weeks and beyond. #Equalution for the win, the diet that actually doesn’t feel like a diet.