Carpe Diem

Each morning my Executive Assistant Briana (@briana.equalutionteam) phones me to run through the day and any pressing tasks I need to attend to - I know right, everyone needs a Briana in their lives. She is an angel. Each morning after we do our run through she will sign off with “okay Jade, let’s carpe diem the shit outta today!” It is in then and there that my tone is usually set for the day and you better believe we are ‘carpe diem’ing’ once that commitment is made. 

I am a huge believer in success being a byproduct of repeatedly doing the good habits that differentiate those who carpe diem and those who don’t. Like all people, I experience funks and ruts.. you know those little moments or periods of time when you just know you’ve got more fuel in the tank to give and could be applying yourself to ‘life’ just that wee bit more.

But there’s a few techniques I’ve learned to get out of these and going back to kick starting the day with Bri, this brings me to my revelation about how to master ‘carpe diem’ing the shit out of the day’. 

How you start your day sets the tone. I’m telling you now, change your morning routine and you’ll be on the way to changing your life.  

1. Win the battle with your alarm
There’s no arguing the winter mornings make sleeping in seem that much more attractive and hitting the snooze button almost seems like a no-brainer. For those moments that you and the alarm go neck and neck make sure you come out on top and start your morning off not with a sleep in (unless you’ve granted yourself that right ie Sundayzzz). Start your day nice and early, squeeze the most out of it and spring out of bed rather than your first thought be to give in to the first temptation the day has posed you with as well as fail on the first commitment you’ve made to yourself. 

2. Get up and move
I am all for bowling over emails and tedious admin straight off the bat, but I have also made morning movement before anything else a non-negotiable. If you can brave the colder weather try and get in a morning walk, even if it’s just for 20 minutes, this will really gear your mindset positively for the day ahead.

3. Fuel 
Get a good breakfast into you to ensure you’re setting the tone for a good day on a nutrition front. Remember you’re not always going to be positive 100% of the time, you aren’t always going to cease the day and be a little energizer bunny or even exercise, however if you can nail something let it be your diet. A healthy balanced diet will do a lot of the aesthetic, health and wellbeing work for you. It will also result in feeling great in your skin which overall changes your approach to everything else in life!

Look I’m not going to try and bluff you all into thinking I for one am perfect all the time and cease every morning. Nor will I try and give you a list as long as my arm that constitutes a top morning routine - this will not only require extra brain power just to get through but won’t be realistic to keep up day in and day out. But, if you’re someone that’s really struggling to 

‘Carpe diem the shit out of your days’ then try and get the above the facets of your morning in check and I can assure after consistency and those baby steps adding up you’ll reap the rewards.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will the best version of you. 

We are all a work in progress.


Carpe diem.

Jade X